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Welcome to Uncle Dan’s Fishing

I am glad you chose to visit my website. My name is Daniel and I love fishing! I have grown up fishing with my dad and grampa since I can remember, but I really developed a love for it when I caught my first bass on an artificial lure at about age 3. I hope you find my blogs entertaining as well as educational. I just want to share real world experiences and give my best advice about techniques, gear and tackle, how-to information, and promote the equipment that serves me well. Please like and subscribe to my pages.


I started at an early age with a typical fishing pole made especially for young children. My lure was a piece of white plastic worm that my dad broke off and put on an exposed hook. Dad was just utilizing what he had at the moment and I didn’t know any different. I managed to catch my first bass on that rig that day and have been hooked ever since and I still love it as much as I did then.

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