Tournament Day 8-21-21

We expected to fish in a tournament held by Lake Maumelle Bass League. The schedule was originally set to take off at 6:15am and end at 2pm; however, the end time changed to 3pm via a vote by all the attendees. We had a birthday party scheduled for 3pm and decided to drop out of the tourney. We still fished and enjoyed catching quite a few spotted bass. We used our tried and true methods of locating the schools on our Garmin graph and using drop shot and shaky head rigs for the most part, be we were able to catch the larger fish on a Rapala DT16 in bluegill color. I even had 2 fish on my lure at one time, but one got off just prior to me pulling them into the boat. We have enjoyed fishing with this league and have learned a lot from the top notch fisherman there.

Here is my nephew Owen with the first fish that he actually reeled in all by himself. We celebrated his birthday after our fishing day. Someone gave him a life preserver for his birthday, humm! We will have him in the boat in no time.

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