Personal Best

One foggy February morning my dad and I were fishing at Lake Maumelle. On my second cast, right when my bait hit the bottom, I raised my rod tip and felt lots of pressure pulling the other way, I set the hook as if I were playing tug of war. It took a while to get her up to the surface of the water because she was deep, but when I did, my dad and I knew that it was a donkey so he netted her and got the donkey in the boat. As soon as we got her securely in the boat I was like “wheres the scale, we need to weigh it now”. With my hands shaking, I managed to hang her on the scale to see that she weighed 6.17 pounds, my new personal best! After all the pictures and videos we threw her back in the deep cold water. We fished for about three more hours that day without a single bite, but I was happy for the memory of that fish.

We often view some of our favorite life accomplishments in terms of “personal best”. Achieve your personal best for eternal life by asking Jesus Christ into your life today.


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