The Boat is Back!

If you did’t already know, our boat motor locked up a while back. After a month of searching for a motor or entirely new to us rig, we found a remedy that cured our anxiety. We came across a larger boat that happened to have the same model motor that was originally on our boat. We would have used the entire rig, however the motor is a little small for the boat, so we put that motor on our boat and it is running like a top. The next order of business is to work on the interior to continue restoration of this old Ranger boat.

We are back to feeding our addiction

To celebrate being back on the water, I will be giving away some crappie jigs and chatter-baits. They will all be my favorite colors that I know will catch lots of fish. The next 50 subscribers will be entered into a drawing and the winner have have their choice of 4 chatter-baits, 10 crappie jigs, or a combination of 2 chatter-baits and 5 crappie jigs.

We now have a 1989 Javelin 19′ hull with trailer, 24V trolling motor, and manual jack plate that is set up with Evinrude controls available for whomever has, or can come up with, a 200hp outboard motor to put on it. It does have enough life left in it to cause someone to catch the fishing and boating fever.

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