Rip, Stop, Set the Hook!

On November 6, it was cool and blue bird skies with just a little breeze of wind, usually with these conditions the bass do not bite very well. So with the cooler air and water, I knew right away that I was going to use a suspending jerkbait, the Rapala Ripstop. The Ripstop is such a unique bait because when you rip it with the rod tip and pause, it stops on a dime with its boot tail design. That day I ended up catching some nice sized bass and along with a 7 pound drum that about ripped the rod out of my hands when I went to rip the Ripstop, after a few minutes I got him in the boat using Sufix Advance monofilament line, the Ripstop and the Sufix line held up very well with all the fish that I caught, especially that drum. My Dad was talking in the truck at the beginning of the video below cause he was so exited to use the new baits. You can hit the link below that will take you straight to the Rapala Ripstop where you can choose the sizes and colors that you prefer

Rapala Ripstop

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