Catching Slab crappie!

It’s that time of year when the crappie and bass start gorging themselves on food for the spawn, so for us anglers we need to be fishing now while they are biting especially the big ones like this crappie here on the left that I caught on my home made crappie jig that ya’ll will soon be able to purchase. I will also have swim jigs and chatterbaits available for serious bass fishermen. But anyway that crappie was 2 ounces shy of 2 pounds but I call it a 2 pounder ha ha. That day the lake was so far down that we were barley able to put our old ranger boat in the water and out because the ramp was 1 foot from being out of the water. even though the lake was down the crappie were shallow.

5 thoughts on “Catching Slab crappie!

  1. That’s a great catch! Wind was blowing and it was so COLD! Leave it to
    Daniel to show how it’s done.

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