Tuesday Nights at WestRock Landing on Lake Maumelle

Tuesday night tournaments are very exciting because you only have about three hours to catch five nice bass and the take off is like a race trying to beat other people to the spot. My favorite color to use is black with anything as long as there is more black than the other color and my go to baits are something that has a lot of sound, vibration, and commotion. My partner and I are new to night fishing but so far we are learning more every time we go. The camaraderie around the marina has enabled us to become more familiar with some of the best fishermen in our area, not to mention the wonderful people that work at and maintain the marina. This year is the weigh master’s 25th year of judging and weighing sack after sack of fish on Tuesday nights. Most of these guys offer help in any form that is needed. All the tournament nights are good, just some better than others.

Terminator 728x90

Storm 728x90

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