First Boat Ride

God gave us a great day to take my nephew Owen and brother in law Sean out for a boat ride and a little fishing. I was surprised that Owen was not afraid of the boat at all. He did get a little tired after a couple of hours and we had to get him home for his nap. Sean’s first bass ever came at a time when we had a double and that was exciting. Unfortunately, Owen’s first boat ride may have been the last outing in our old Ranger boat. After we let Sean and Owen out to go home for their nap, dad and I went back out for a couple of hours. When we returned from that our motor locked up just as we started idling into the no wake zone at the marina. It was God’s grace that got us back to the marina that day.

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School of Fish

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Buzzbait Blunder

On March 15, 2021 the bass were biting pretty well on a buzzbait, but they were not sucking it in good enough to get them in the boat. I did not mind when they came off because the explosion is very exiting. It seemed as if there was a bass on every cypress tree that would bite a buzzbait, and occasionally I would throw a spinnerbait and work it up close to the surface of the water and catch a good one. The bass were definitely hooking up better on a spinnerbait because it goes slower in the water, so I was able to get those fish in the boat more often.

What a Surprise!

This has been a good while back, March 14, 2020 to be exact, but we were fishing one of our springtime honey holes. It was a typical cool and dreary early spring morning, and the fish weren’t biting very well. When I tried to skip my chatterbait under an over hanging tree my reel swarmed. I pulled my rod tip up to allow some line to go out to remove some of the backlash and the water boiled where my lure had landed, I ignored the birds nest and engaged my reel and set the hook hard! I knew immediately that it was large but I didn’t realize that it was my personal best at the time weighing in at 5.64#. My Dickies jacket kept me warm and dry that day. Click on the link below for great deals on Dickies clothing.


Crappie Smackdown

You will not buy this jig at any tackle supply store! In fact, unless I’m having an exceptional day, you won’t buy one from me. I make these jigs at home from scratch; a little lead, a little thread, a little hair, a little paint, a mold, and a little time are the ingredients for a crappie jig that will last all season unless you hang it up and break off. This was the color of choice on New Year’s Day. Dad and I have made it a tradition to ditch the bass boat and go crappie fishing on New Year’s Day. Do check out Anglermall (link below) for other great deals on tackle and gear.


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Tournament Day 8-21-21

We expected to fish in a tournament held by Lake Maumelle Bass League. The schedule was originally set to take off at 6:15am and end at 2pm; however, the end time changed to 3pm via a vote by all the attendees. We had a birthday party scheduled for 3pm and decided to drop out of the tourney. We still fished and enjoyed catching quite a few spotted bass. We used our tried and true methods of locating the schools on our Garmin graph and using drop shot and shaky head rigs for the most part, be we were able to catch the larger fish on a Rapala DT16 in bluegill color. I even had 2 fish on my lure at one time, but one got off just prior to me pulling them into the boat. We have enjoyed fishing with this league and have learned a lot from the top notch fisherman there.

Here is my nephew Owen with the first fish that he actually reeled in all by himself. We celebrated his birthday after our fishing day. Someone gave him a life preserver for his birthday, humm! We will have him in the boat in no time.

Catching Big Bass on Frogs

It was a beautiful day on Lake Peckerwood and we were targeting largemouth bass using frogs around lilly pads. I made a cast towards a stretch of lilly pads and the water exploded, so I set the hook and reeled him in next to the boat and without pause I boat flipped him thinking that it might be a three pounder, but it was actually a five pounder. Under normal circumstances your rod, reel or line would brake from boat flipping a fish that large, and that is one reason I use Lews rod and reels because they are very durable. Credit must be given also to the Berkley Braid fishing line on my spool.


Spotted Bass Fishing

Yesterday we were trying to catch some good quality largemouth but that didn’t work out. So instead, we went to target schooled up spotted bass and had a lot of fun catching about twenty in about an hour. Prior to that Dad saw a rain storm and suggested that we go to another part of the lake where it wasn’t raining, but on the way another rain storm started in the direction that we were headed and converged with the first one. Needless to say, we got drenched, but we were able to take shelter beneath a bridge to wait it out. Never a dull moment when we are on the water.

Psalm19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.

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