Tuesday Nights at WestRock Landing on Lake Maumelle

Tuesday night tournaments are very exciting because you only have about three hours to catch five nice bass and the take off is like a race trying to beat other people to the spot. My favorite color to use is black with anything as long as there is more black than the other color andContinue reading “Tuesday Nights at WestRock Landing on Lake Maumelle”


My Dad and I were recently blessed with a, new to us, 2012 Ranger z118. With our hearts racing we took the boat out the next day to figure everything out. The day after testing the boat we took it to the West Rock Landing winter series tournament at lake Maumelle, before we launched theContinue reading “Generosity”

First Tournament of 2022

On January 1, 2022 My very first cast was quite a surprise. I didn’t expect to boat a 3+ pounder, and it was the start of our first tournament of 2022 as well. It was raining, lightning, and thundering most of the day but we still managed to make some good memories and catch aContinue reading “First Tournament of 2022”

Catching Slab crappie!

It’s that time of year when the crappie and bass start gorging themselves on food for the spawn, so for us anglers we need to be fishing now while they are biting especially the big ones like this crappie here on the left that I caught on my home made crappie jig that ya’ll willContinue reading “Catching Slab crappie!”

Rip, Stop, Set the Hook!

On November 6, it was cool and blue bird skies with just a little breeze of wind, usually with these conditions the bass do not bite very well. So with the cooler air and water, I knew right away that I was going to use a suspending jerkbait, the Rapala Ripstop. The Ripstop is suchContinue reading “Rip, Stop, Set the Hook!”

Bassin with My Home Made Chatterbait

Catching bass is fun but it is nothing like catching them on your own home made bait. I love throwing chatterbaits because they are so versatile like skipping, throwing around cover, vegetation, sometimes deep open water and it’s a good bait for all the seasons of the year. Also when a bass strikes, it’s likeContinue reading “Bassin with My Home Made Chatterbait”

The Boat is Back!

If you did’t already know, our boat motor locked up a while back. After a month of searching for a motor or entirely new to us rig, we found a remedy that cured our anxiety. We came across a larger boat that happened to have the same model motor that was originally on our boat.Continue reading “The Boat is Back!”

Personal Best

One foggy February morning my dad and I were fishing at Lake Maumelle. On my second cast, right when my bait hit the bottom, I raised my rod tip and felt lots of pressure pulling the other way, I set the hook as if I were playing tug of war. It took a while toContinue reading “Personal Best”

Camping at Lake Degray

Fall is a great time for camping because the weather is not to hot and not to cold, it is also a great time for fishing. I always enjoy camping when the whole family goes and sleeps in tents, and because we are enjoying Gods creation on the water and on the bank. And oneContinue reading “Camping at Lake Degray”

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